Server Stats

More zombies have been killed on this server than the entire population of California, population 36,756,666.
That is almost more than the entire population of Northeast (US), population 54,924,779!

Server Summary
Total players:94,140
Total points:150,165,197
Infected Killed:54,052,205
Survivors Killed:2,452
Headshot Ratio:10.17 %
Points per Minute:38.52
Boomer Average:1.49
Hunter Average:6.22
Smoker Average:25.39
Spitter Average:24.73
Jockey Average:15.13
Charger Average:32.58
Tank Average:86.61
Infected Kills Summary
Infected TypeKills
Common Infected50,733,738
Infected Awards Summary
Survivors Incapacitated12,173
All Survivors Dead4,733
Perfect Blindness623
Caused Ledge Grab416
Scattering Ram114
Hunter Nice Pounce95
Hunter Perfect Pounce25
Survivor Awards Summary
Protected Friendlies1,626,725
Tanks Killed with Team803,551
Saved Friendlies from Chargers539,670
Tanks Killed with No Deaths338,000
Revived Friendlies235,985
Safe Houses Reached with All Survivors225,029
Saved Friendlies from Hunters175,786
Saved Friendlies from Smokers164,311
Saved Friendlies from Jockeys146,655
Medkits Given115,711
Ammo Upgrades Deployed87,439
Gas Canisters Poured80,467
Pills Given53,461
Campaigns Completed46,787
Adrenalines Given25,273
Rescued Friendlies16,459
Crowned Witches3,849
Leveled Charges403
Demerits Summary
Friendly Fire Incidents1,780,322
Friendlies Left For Dead120,704
Incapacitated Friendlies98,519
Infected Let In Safe Room83,306
Witches Disturbed79,538
Teammates Killed27,150
Gamemodes Summary
All8.06 years (3,898,020 min)
Coop6.55 years (3,168,282 min)
Versus4.72 months (190,264 min)
Realism3.20 months (129,001 min)
Survival9.05 months (365,064 min)
Scavenge1.35 weeks (13,644 min)
Realism Versus5.50 days (7,919 min)
Mutations2.37 weeks (23,846 min)