Server Stats

More zombies have been killed on this server than the entire population of Texas, population 24,326,974.
That is almost more than the entire population of California, population 36,756,666!

Server Summary
Total players:67,797
Total points:56,646,887
Infected Killed:34,842,615
Survivors Killed:1,842
Headshot Ratio:10.51 %
Points per Minute:18.57
Boomer Average:1.49
Hunter Average:6.05
Smoker Average:26.44
Spitter Average:26.33
Jockey Average:15.64
Charger Average:33.85
Tank Average:92.89
Infected Kills Summary
Infected TypeKills
Common Infected32,692,773
Infected Awards Summary
Survivors Incapacitated8,950
All Survivors Dead3,672
Perfect Blindness449
Caused Ledge Grab355
Scattering Ram81
Hunter Nice Pounce66
Hunter Perfect Pounce12
Survivor Awards Summary
Protected Friendlies1,112,950
Tanks Killed with Team433,542
Saved Friendlies from Chargers350,304
Revived Friendlies164,736
Tanks Killed with No Deaths161,273
Safe Houses Reached with All Survivors151,823
Saved Friendlies from Hunters119,865
Saved Friendlies from Smokers113,255
Saved Friendlies from Jockeys95,995
Medkits Given79,721
Ammo Upgrades Deployed56,742
Gas Canisters Poured55,244
Pills Given36,064
Campaigns Completed30,619
Adrenalines Given16,865
Rescued Friendlies12,065
Crowned Witches2,407
Leveled Charges252
Demerits Summary
Friendly Fire Incidents1,242,943
Friendlies Left For Dead79,983
Incapacitated Friendlies68,467
Infected Let In Safe Room54,906
Witches Disturbed51,937
Teammates Killed18,870
Gamemodes Summary
All6.30 years (3,049,653 min)
Coop5.10 years (2,465,905 min)
Versus4.57 months (184,344 min)
Realism2.51 months (101,231 min)
Survival6.41 months (258,534 min)
Scavenge1.31 weeks (13,170 min)
Realism Versus5.14 days (7,401 min)
Mutations1.89 weeks (19,068 min)